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Since 1993 we have delivered training services on national level. Our track record is excellent and today we are the leading service provider on immigrant integration training in Finland – and specialized in distant learning and e-learning pedagogy.

We are about 170 education sector experts and the turnover for 2016 is 9,1 million Euros.Bureau_Veritas.svg We are a private owned company, who has a strong emphasis on development and piloting new solutions. Our operations are audited and we follow ISO9001 quality procedures.

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Impact focused training services
In all our trainings we have two supporting goals in mind; the needs of the learner and the frame of the curriculum. In the following You will find more in depth description of what we do and how we work.

Empowering EMMA Math
Finnish classroom tested method how to successfully train teachers and every children in to learn math in a new and novel way. U.S. patent pending learning tools. Empowering method for math teachers and children in preschool and primary school. 
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Sustainable development
Training of sustainable solutions
Sustainable attitude building in trainings.
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Integration and On-The-Job-Training

Training programs for teachers
On-the-job-training for teachers of didactics.
Assessment and evaluation training (transparency and consistency of assessments and evaluation).
On-line training and on-line learning competences and processes.
Development of tailor made solution for company trainings

Immigrant integration training
Immigrant integration training framework is given by the National Board of Education. Following that framework we deliver the following solutions.

Employment focused solutions
Competence training towards employment to dedicated profession.
Work society and culture skills training for ensuring successful collaboration at work place.

Integration of Gamification
What Gamification is and what it is not Gamification in everyday didactics Gamification in improving impact of pedagogical processes.

Labour market training
Vocational training of adults.
Work society and culture skills training for ensuring successful collaboration at work place.
Employee and company training for inclusion of immigrants.




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System solutions supporting Services

Distance and e-learning solutions
Hybrid models combining class room and e-learning solution.
E-learning systems built solely on web based systems, utilising mostly freeware programs.

Financing solutions (Social Impact Bond – structure)
Building a new way of funding for education and training
Responsibility as the driver of execution


Classroom solutions
Standard training in class rooms. There are different in-day structures (contact learning on a daily base vary from 4 to 7 hours).
Methods that our teachers use include using of computers, drama, gamification etc.



For further information please contact

Mr. Jari Arffman
Chairman of the board

Mr. Kari I. Mattila
Development Director, Pedagogy

Mr. Risto Rantala
Chief Operating Officer


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